My Bucket List

23 goals on my bucket list

I’ve been meaning to write down my bucket list for a long time, but have always hesitated as if writing it down would somehow make it real. I’d have to do things to make them happen. However, it is high time now. With all these travel restrictions in place, I feel like traveling more than ever. I haven’t traveled much outside of my home country. I’ve traveled a lot within the US, so most of where I want to visit is places I’ve read about and seen through other people’s eyes. I’ll add more as my perspective changes

  1. Learn driving: I know, this is so lame, but this is something I need to learn.
  2. Visit or live in London
  3. Visit or live in New Zealand
  4. Visit: Paris
  5. Visit: Norway
  6. Visit: Cuba
  7. Visit: Peru
  8. Visit: Indonesia
  9. Visit: Singapore
  10. Visit: Vancouver
  11. Go scuba diving
  12. Go sky diving
  13. Learn to play the violin
  14. Learn to play the piano
  15. Learn to play chess
  16. Learn at least 3 languages: I’d prefer to learn to write my mother tongue first, and then I want to learn Spanish and Italian, which I consider musical languages. The next on my list is German. I know a bit of French and it would be lovely to become fluent in French.
  17. Learn photography
  18. Become good at surfing: I have surfed a bit, however, I am not so good at it.
  19. Become good at yoga: Yoga and surfing go together. If you’re in great shape, you will be a natural at surfing.
  20. Become good at Investment management
  21. Become good at digital marketing
  22. Buy a house in the US: I have been living in the US for a while, but haven’t gotten to this yet.
  23. Write a book

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