Hello and welcome to Bazaar Expert! If you are new, welcome!

Who is Bazaar Expert?

I’m Shuba, and I started Bazaar Expert for people looking to learn about business, marketing and making money online. I also include life lessons I learned along the way. My good friend Pali helps me with marketing and occasionally contributes to articles too.

My story

I spent a few years in the corporate world in the software industry. Wanting to take a break from work and explore something new, I moved to the US for my business school.

I went into Product Management after business school, because I thought product management is a perfect bridge between software and business. I consider myself successful as a Product Manager as I launched quite a few critical products by working collaboratively across different stakeholder groups.

Becoming financially free has always been one of my life goals. While I was working, I was looking for ways to become financially free and I stumbled upon blogging as a means to do that. I started Bazaar Expert but work kept me too busy from writing substantially on the blog.

As luck would have it, I had to take a break from work because of my visa. This gave me the perfect opportunity to write on my blog, learn about making money online and explore my interests in marketing, business and finance.

How will I help you?

In just a few months of starting a blog, I have learned so much about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, guest posting and about making money online. I will share what I learned along the way, so that you can start your own blog and become financially free too.

If you’re in a job you love, you can still start a blog and it can be your side hustle. If you’re in a job you hate, think no further, just start a blog already!