Hashtastic Instagram Hashtag Finder Review

Hashtastic – Instagram Hashtag Finder Review

Hashtastic is the most powerful hashtag scanner out there, and it’s packed with features that will take your Instagram account to the next level. Let’s look at how to use Hashtastic to grow your Instagram account.

What is Hashtastic?

Hashtastic is a hashtag scanning tool designed for users who want to grow their Instagram following. With Hashtastic’s advanced algorithm, you can find hashtags related to any topic in seconds.

You can also search for specific hashtags or filter by category (like #travel or #food). Get more likes and comments on your posts by using relevant hashtags.

Don’t worry about spamming people – Hashtastic’s advanced algorithm only shows you tags used by real people who are actually engaging with content like yours. It’s never been easier to get discovered on Instagram!

Why are hashtags important?

Using relevant hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get discovered on Instagram. By selecting hashtags relevant to your niche, you can reach people interested in similar content.

People will be able to find your posts just by searching these tags – getting you more engagement, followers, and customers!

Why should you use Hashtastic?

Today, with the competition on Instagram, you can’t just post your pictures and expect them to get noticed. Millions of users on Instagram are vying for space in front of your target audience, so you need to make sure that your posts stand out!

Hashtastic will help you rank higher in the search results (so people see your content faster), which will lead to more engagement and organic growth of your followers.

How does Hashtastic work?

Hashtastic is the Instagram hashtag scanner of choice for businesses and influencers on social media. It’s easy to use, powerful, and, most importantly – effective.

The Instagram hashtag analyzer allows you to find hashtags related to a specific topic that you can use to search and organize hashtags for your niche. With Hashtastic’s intuitive interface, it’s even more fun to use! Let’s look at the different features of Hashtastic. 

1. Hashtags Finder Feature

As soon as you register and log in to Hashtastic, you’ll be taken to the dashboard, where you can access all the different features.

This feature allows you to find hashtags using Hashtastic. When you select this option from the dashboard, you’ll be redirected to the following page, where you can customize options for your hashtags.

You have several options to customize your hashtag search. 

1. Search Input

First, you have to specify your search input and enter the hashtag you’re searching for.

2. Search Options

Your average number of likes per post

Next, you have to specify your average number of likes per post based on your old posts. This feature is used to find the hashtags that are optimal for you. 

If you’re only getting a few hundred average likes per post, Hashtastic’s algorithm will not recommend hashtags on posts with a few thousand likes because they’ll be too competitive for you, and you may not get the exposure you’re looking for. 

Specifying the average number of likes per post helps you weed out high competition and low competition hashtags and maximizes your exposure by recommending optimal hashtags for you. 

If you don’t specify this option, Hashtastic will show you high competition hashtags, and you may not get the audience exposure that you’re looking for,

Search Mode

With Search Mode, you can filter your hashtags in four categories as follows:

Filter Daily Posts

This option allows you to filter by the number of average daily posts on your queried hashtags. The higher the number, the higher the chance your post will get exposure. However, this also means that this is a highly competitive hashtag. If you don’t have a lot of followers, it’s best to go for low competition hashtags. 

Filter Total Posts

This option allows you to filter by the total number of posts on your queried hashtags. 

Again, the higher the number of the total posts on your queried hashtags, the higher the chance your post will get exposure. However, this means that this hashtag is popular, so it will be highly competitive to get exposure.

Daily Posts Ladder

This option allows you to split search results by brackets based on the number of daily posts. It is a deep dive into the Filter Daily Posts option, and you can get more granular results on the Daily Posts.

Total Posts Ladder

This option allows you to split search results by brackets based on the total number of posts. This option is a deep dive into the Filter Total Posts option, where you can get more granular results on the Total Posts.

Number of Daily Posts

Once you specify a search mode from the four options, you must specify your number of daily posts. For maximum exposure, make sure that you select an optimum number and don’t choose a too competitive or a low competition number.

Other Options

You can also choose to toggle the following options

  • Include relevant hashtags
  • Remove useless hashtags
  • Automatically select best hashtags
  • Also query banned hashtags?


Once you hit Search, the search results are displayed in the table below.

You can then select the hashtags from the results and save the Hashtags using the save Hashtags set option. You can save multiple Hashtag sets.

2. Hashtags Performance Campaigns

This feature allows you to monitor how well each hashtag you use performs on your posts! Using this data, you can remove the hashtags that are not performing well and replace them with hashtags that perform. You can see which hashtags you appeared on and when.

3. Account Scanner

With this feature of Hashtastic, you can scan and keep up to date with your personal accounts and track your competitor growth. 

4. Bulk Scan Hashtags

If you want to scan up to 200 Hashtags at once, you can use this feature. 

5. Find Viral Content

As the name indicates, this feature helps you find viral content that the audience loves. With this feature, you’ll be able to tailor your posts to your audiences’ liking. 

6. Save Hashtags sets

With this feature, you can store your hashtag sets and keep track of them. 

Hashtastic Pricing

Hashtastic comes in two plans, the personal plan and the enterprise plan. The only difference between the personal and enterprise plans is the number of Instagram accounts you can manage. You can pay through a debit/credit card or PayPal. The pricing tiers for these two plans are as follows. 

Personal Plan

Enterprise Plan

Final Thoughts

Hashtastic is a great tool for growing your Instagram account. You can find Hashtags that work for you using the different search filters and search modes available. You can also save multiple hashtag sets and run Hashtag Performance Campaigns to choose the best hashtags that work for you.

Hashtastic has features to find viral content and scan your account and competitors’ accounts to keep you on top of your Instagram game. If you’re serious about standing out from the competition, get a free trial of Hashtastic!

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